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Yellen Tells College Graduates that Value of a Degree Is Rising

New York Times
December 20, 2016

The unemployment rate among Americans with college degrees was just 2.3 percent in November, a number that suggests employers are now competing for well-educated workers. Janet L. Yellen, the Federal Reserve chairwoman, went to the University of Baltimore on Monday to congratulate graduates on joining that fortunate group.

Choice Deserts

Inside Higher Ed
December 16, 2016

Wage data are a key part of the bipartisan push to give prospective students more information about the value of a college credential. But measures of graduates’ earnings can be of limited use to the large number of people who lack choices about where to go to college. That’s the central finding of a new study from researchers at the Urban Institute. The paper, dubbed “Choice Deserts,” looks at how geography and academic selectivity curb the impact of earnings data for students in Virginia.

Colleges Really Need to Rethink the Career Advice They Deliver

The Atlantic
December 15, 2016

Colleges and universities are spending too much time admitting students and not enough time on the exit process after the last finals are handed in and the graduation caps tossed. One place where more colleges could help ease the transition from school to the workforce is the career-services office. According to a new Gallup-Purdue Index, only about half of college graduates visited that office on their campus, and alarmingly few found it very helpful.

College Career Offices Boost Job Prospects, Alumni Gifts

Wall Street Journal
December 13, 2016

Most colleges and universities spend too much of their energy getting young people in the front door and not enough making sure they land good jobs on their way out.  That is the takeaway of the third year of the Gallup Purdue index, which surveyed 11,483 college graduates to understand what they valued about their college education and how they fared after they left. The survey found that a good experience at a career services department correlates with students who land good jobs out of school and give money back after they graduate. A crummy experience—or none at all—more likely signals the reverse.

Completion and the Value of College

Inside Higher Ed
December 8, 2016

The college completion agenda reaches an inflection point as the Obama administration ends and the nation increasingly focuses on jobs and college value. Experts assess shifts in the completion push and what comes next.

Meeting the Challenge of Demographic Change

Chronicle of Higher Education - Opinion Piece
December 6, 2016

Joe Garcia & William Serrata write: If we fail to act decisively and collaboratively, college enrollments could decline at the same time that our need for college-educated workers will increase. Colleges must change the way they recruit and retain an increasingly diverse student body or they will face declining enrollments and declining revenue. In other words, it is not only in the students’ interest but that of our institutions and our economy to double down on our efforts to enroll and graduate students who have too often been overlooked in the past.

The Case Against Oversimplified Accountability

Inside Higher Ed
December 6, 2016

Focus on any single labor market metric to judge colleges’ outcomes will create flawed policy, but a mix of such measures can help evaluate institutions’ performance, scholarly study finds.

Use Data to Make a Strong Case for the Humanities

Chronicle of Higher Education - Opinion
November 27, 2016

University of Chicago professor emeritus Norman M. Bradburn and Robert B. Townsend of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, write: Leaders in higher education often ask us how they might make a case for the humanities, when students and parents are so deeply concerned about their economic futures. The answers lie in the very numbers that are so often cited as admonitions against the field.

Kentucky Colleges, Universities Hand Out Record Number of Degrees

Lexington, Ky., Herald Leader
November 21, 2016

Kentucky’s public and private colleges and universities handed out a record 65,829 degrees and credentials during the 2015-16 year, the Council on Postsecondary Education reported. That represents a 2.7 percent increase from the year before and a 32.5 percent jump over 10 years.

Law School Accreditors Raising the Bar

Wall Street Journal
November 21, 2016

With the percentage of fledgling lawyers failing state licensing exams on the rise, national accreditors are getting tough and telling law schools to better prepare students for legal practice or risk losing their accreditation.