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Many College Students Find Donald Trump’s Comments Appalling — Here’s Why Ignoring Him Is Worse

Hechinger Report - Presidential Opinion
October 30, 2016

Paul Pribbenow, president of Augsburg College (MN), writes: Students may feel like turning away from a political culture they see as toxic and polarizing, one rife with accusations about unfairness, legislative deadlock, and corruption. But they mustn’t.

Higher Education for the AI Age: Let’s Think About It Before the Machines Do It for Us

Washington Post - Presidential Opinion
October 27, 2016

Joseph E. Aoun, president of Northeastern University (MA), writes: Amid the wall-to-wall coverage of the U.S. presidential race, it was easy to miss the Obama administration’s release this month of a slim, 48-page report titled “Preparing for the Future of Artificial Intelligence.” Yet the subject of the report — and the changes it foreshadows — may prove to be as consequential for our society, and our education system, as even the most high-stakes national election.

A Better Idea Than Free College?

Washington Post - Presidential Opinion
October 23, 2016

Susan West Engelkemeyer, president of Nichols College (MA), writes: A workable solution to the student debt crisis can include all the major stakeholders — colleges, federal and state government, students, and their families. It’s a shared responsibility and an educational and economic reality.

Free College Short-Circuits Complex Issue

Portland, Ore., Oregonian - Presidential Opinion
October 23, 2016

Thomas L. Hellie, president of Linfield College (OR), writes: Increasing access to higher education is something we should all be talking about. But the growing chorus of public discussion in this election year about "free" college short-circuits a complex discussion in favor of a buzzword.

Yale Believes In Free Speech—and So Do I

Wall Street Journal - Presidential Opinion
October 17, 2016

Peter Salovey, president of Yale University (CT), writes: At Yale, we adhere to exceptionally strong principles of free expression. These were set forth originally in the Woodward Report of 1974, which was Yale’s signal contribution to earlier debates over free expression, and which has served as a model at many other universities. Yale does not censor invited speakers, nor does the administration discipline faculty members or students for the expression of ideas, no matter how unpopular. The answer to speech one finds offensive is more speech.

A Joyful Noise in the Midst of Hurricane Matthew

Orlando, Fl., Sentinel - Presidential Opinion
October 17, 2016

George J. Hagerty, president of Beacon College (FL), writes: Thank you, Hurricane Matthew, for reminding me that young adults have an extraordinary capacity to create healthy community, that our investments in education do have the power to truly transform lives, and that sleep always can wait.

Don’t Just Search, Recruit

Huffington Post - Presidential Opinion
October 10, 2016

Gary A. Olson, president of Daemen College (NY), writes: But savvy professionals in college athletics seem to understand what many of us on the academic side often do not—that “searching” and “recruiting” are not always the same thing. Academic search committees sometimes assume they can simply publish a job advertisement and sit back and wait to see which applicants emerge.

Why Historically Black Colleges Matter

Washington Post - Presidential Opinion
October 10, 2016

Ronald A. Johnson, president of Clark Atlanta University (GA), writes: According to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, 9 percent of all African American college students, or some 300,000 annually, attend HBCUs. While this may seem small, the institutions’ positive imprint on this nation is disproportionate. For example, 40 percent of black U.S. Congress members, 80 percent of black judges, 50 percent of black lawyers and 40 percent of the nation’s black engineers are products of HBCUs. Even so, the case for these institutions continues to be questioned.

Universities Are Not ‘Trade Schools,’ But They Should Prepare Students for the Workforce

Washington Post - Presidential Opinion
October 10, 2016

Christopher B. Howard, president of Robert Morris University (PA), writes: It’s not exactly in our DNA in higher education to talk about return on investment, but we are going to have to start demonstrating it to parents, students and government officials from both sides of the aisle. In addition, we are going to have to demonstrate what makes each of our institutions distinct from our peers, something that our industry’s cookie-cutter approach to marketing has often failed to do.

Why Every Undergraduate Should Pursue a Minor

Wall Street Journal - Presidential Opinion
October 3, 2016

C.L. Max Nikias, president of the University of Southern California, writes: Adding a minor to one’s portfolio is a special opportunity to gain a diverse skill set or perspective. Sometimes, a minor can be more impactful to a career than a major. A biology major who minors in philosophy can hone her critical-thinking skills and apply that to any future field of endeavor outside of the sciences. Having such a minor can help students prepare perhaps not only for their first job, but also for their second, third or fourth. Or perhaps, a minor will come into play when executing a complete midlife career change.

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